On today’s show, I am interviewing my mother-in-law on boundaries between mothers and daughters in law! I always tell people I have the most normal in-laws! They don’t cross boundaries or try to manipulate us, and while we still have things to work out and let grace cover, I am so thankful they are my people now.

The reason I decided to interview my MIL is that we learned early on the importance of setting boundaries in order to respect each other and love each other well. One of the stories you’re going to hear is about my wedding veil, and how my MIL Susan crossed a boundary, thankfully early on so we could deal with it, and how she so wisely and kindly acknowledged it and asked forgiveness. I am sure I have crossed many boundaries, but Susan has let grace cover so much of my immaturity, and I know I’ve grown (and am growing – I have so much to go!) in wisdom and maturity because of her example.

I encourage you to listen to it with your husband, if you have one, and send it along to family and friends. You’re going to enjoy it, and Susan and I both pray it encourages you.


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